ROBOT ARMY lead singer, Reagan Jolley has trained in BJC – KICKBOXING and Bob Jones has been a long time friend of Reagan and his parents Robin and Lee. Recently Bob Jones was visiting the family and had a chance to listen to the ROBOT ARMY album. Bob was blown away at Reagan and his bands ability to nail his Arconic concept right on the button (Purely coincidental as they had not heard of Celtic Arconic Music before I spoke to Reagan and that was after I heard the album). Minor modifications of mixing even very basic Celtic indigenous harmonies to the music would be a beginning to create that Celtic Arconic Musical Synergy, that’s if the band were even interested.

The lyrics though are what really hit the mark, Reagan is truly a modern era Bardic Arconic writer, for this reason we have included ROBOT ARMY on our site; THE CELTIMANIAN PROJECT.COM is a website incorporating The Voice of the CELTS – AUSTRALIA which is part of a world wide movement serving as just that, the VOICE OF THE CELTS WORLD WIDE!


I met Sharka recently through Michael Bikikski one of my old time early seventies Black Belts, who himself is a very accomplished musicologist. We have been involved in music and other business interests for several years now, you may be aware of Lexi Rose a female singer I went to America with recently to help with her promotions. Michael has followed the progress of Celtic Arconic Music and has been involved constructively in my new creation which of course is my new passion. Having worked on this with me since the beginning, he certainly understands the concept. When he said I should listen to Sharka as he felt I would be pleasantly surprised, I took him at his word.

I listened to her first album and was pleasantly surprised, as Sharka like Reagan from ROBOT ARMY also qualifies for what I class as a new millennium Arconic Bardic writer and she is improving with every new song she writes. Sharka is very attractive with a little sister come girl next door appeal. She keeps herself in shape with a lot of outdoor activities, and has extreme interest in the future of the planet; she shares the vision of achieving this by getting involved at the grass roots level of the CELTIMANIA PROJECT. She loves nothing more than creating lyrics designed to make a difference. Although Sharka is only in her early twenties she has an unusual quality of maturity within her Celtic style music. Perhaps some of this maturity comes with the cohesion of the multi talented skills of her Producer, Neale Farnell.

Musically, they have a great working relationship and he also knows exactly the direction I wish to take my music, and has offered his services in any way possible. Included here are some samples of SHARKA and her recent writings. I look forward to seeing her latest contributions of ‘Celtic Arconic Music’ here on the site, as I know you will like her, come back soon for her new previews.