WELCOME to the personal World Wide Website of yours truly.

Bob Jones

As you explore your way around this website you will notice that the information comes to you continually interweaving in the narrative of first and second person (and frequently in the third person, this is to signify where I feel my story is bigger than just me, and is my attempt to include my many Associates, and my thousands of Black Belts, these are my Family by choice, rather than by chance. This is, as much as being a part of me, also to a large extent - their story).

The artwork here signifies the duality of splitting a personality (As I have already stated in the opening paragraph, there actually is a trilogy to the Bob Jones phenomenon, but there’s plenty of time… more on that at a later date – see TWENTY FIRST MILLENNIUM, Second and Third Decades later in this article titled ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’).

ObserversBasically the opening vision here of Bob Jones shows the Journey of two different warriors (this is the metaphorical significance representative of matter and spirit – within our life journey of martial transcendence, our warrior consciousness is ‘our ability to penetrate and unite all things of matter and spirit’, aggrandizing the constant inner turmoil between you and your other/inner self’), an interpretation of understanding of ‘The Self-Observer’.

Throughout a lifetime you will only ever have one true enemy; your inner demon is the only true fear to cause you any real concern. Do not over exert yourself with perceived external enemies, fears and saviours; it is you only that must come to terms with yourself, ‘dissolve your demon’. This can be achieved and controlled through personal self esteem and a positive outlook on life.

Self empowerment can be constantly elevated via either regular meditation and/or martial arts training. This ability for you to step outside yourself (matter - physical), and to experience this other ‘you’ (spirit - soul) as this other entity who has a very personal interpretation of impregnable *self-esteem, plus undying faith and unshakable self-belief, every set back ever, has the sole purpose of being a new learning experience. Then, beyond your meditation and/or your martial arts training session, you simply relax and comfortably step back into you (your own physicality). This provides you with an improved understanding, more awareness and control over your day-to-day insecurities!

*SELF-ESTEEM ‘Impregnable self-esteem’ is used in BJMA to give the expression its true ‘Value’. To us Martial Artists self-esteem is a human emotion whose ‘true’ power ranks right up there with the impetus of love and hate.

Are you a civilian?

That is to say, someone who is not involved in any form of physical exercise, and you have simply stumbled across this website by sheer accident or coincidence (By the way there is no such thing, if you are here there is a reason!).

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Whichever of these categories you are coming from, I sincerely hope YOU enjoy sharing MY journey here at my personal site. And as the first word written here in my introduction, has already expressed to you as a visitor, WELCOME